Breast Pumps Covered by BCBS CareFirst

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Are breast pumps covered by BCBS CareFirst?

Breast pumps are not only covered, but you also have a choice in which pump you choose.


You're eligible to receive your breast pump six weeks before your due date. This provides you with the added benefit of being able to get to know and read up on your breast pump before actually needing to use it.


The two most popular breast pumps covered by BCBS CareFirst are the Spectra S1 and Medela Pump in Style (PISA), but do your research. We carry tons of great breast pumps with options for all needs. Learn about choosing a breast pump here.


In addition to covering breast pumps, BCBS CareFirst also reimburses lactation consultant visits and offers video consults. This benefit covers breastfeeding consults, advice, and even support for "the baby blues" – a common term for postpartum depression many moms face.

Popular Breast Pumps Covered by BCBS CareFirst

pump in style advanced

Medela PISA



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Additional BCBS CareFirst Maternity Coverage

Your maternity care doesn't stop after you give birth or at basic prenatal care. BCBS CareFirst provides moms with many covered services and supplies that can help make your journey just a little easier.

  • Lactation consultants | Both in-person and video calls are covered to help you navigate breastfeeding and any challenges you might face.
  • Postpartum incontinence underwear | Get through the tiring postpartum period with incontinence underwear that make your healing process a little less stressful.
  • Supplies for gestational diabetes | Your plan can cover things like test strips and a glucometer. You can worry less about your blood sugar and focus on preparing for your baby!
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