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Freemie® Liberty Breast Pump

FREE For Military Moms

Freemie® Liberty Breast Pump

FREE For Military Moms

Thank You Military Moms!

You provide care for your children, support for one another, and a service to your country.

Now Let Us Take Care of You

Freemie® & SourceMD, a Tricare Breast Pump Supplier, have teamed up for an exclusive offer just for military moms like you.

Free Wearable Breast Pumps For Military Moms

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The Freemie® Liberty Breast Pump

Hands-Free, Hospital Grade Power that Fits in your Pocket.

The Freemie® Liberty is a wearable, mobile breast pump with HANDS FREE and concealable Freemie collection cups.

The Patented Freemie® Liberty Pump and new Freemie Next Generation Collection Cups (no milk in the tubing!) allows you to double pump, hands free, with your clothes on while you work or play. Save time and gain flexibility by pumping where you need to pump, when you need to pump.

Freemie® systems are transforming infant feeding, and won the 2017 Gold Medal for Infant and Child Care at the prestigious Edison Innovation Awards in New York City.

"The Freemie® Liberty was a game-changer. I tried all the pumps with my other babies and the Freemie® Liberty was perfect for me as a mom on the go. I can’t recommend it enough!"

- Nicole

"As a teacher and mom of multiples, the Freemie® was a lifesaver. I cannot imagine being able to breastfeed without it."

- Jessica

Preparing to be a new mom is hard. We're here to help!

Yes it is 100% covered under your Tricare breast pump insurance.

Tricare beneficiaries are eligible for one breast pump per birth event (or pregnancy) and you may receive your breast pump after 27 weeks.  You can also receive breast pump supplies up to three (3) years after your baby is born.

Any time after 27 weeks and we provide 2-day shipping for FREE!  If you are not yet at your 27th week, no problem! Just fill out our form and we can schedule your delivery now.

Yes, Tricare will cover milk bags and other accessories.

The hands-free breast pump that lets you pump anywhere, anytime

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