How often can I get a breast pump through insurance?

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If you’re in the family planning stage of life, you know babies and pregnancies don’t always happen when you think they will. For some getting pregnant happens quickly, and for others it takes more time. Regardless, one of the most common questions all moms ask is “how often can I get a breast pump through insurance?”

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How often can I get a breast pump through insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act most women are entitled to a breast pump with every pregnancy. Some insurance companies do have stipulations that the spacing between each breast pump should be a minimum of 18 months. Additionally, some moms might not choose to get their pumps until a few months after birth. Many insurance companies allow you to get your breast pump up to a year after birth.

Just remember, if pumps should be spaced 18 months apart it’s usually best to get your pump at the birth of your baby and not so late after.

Additionally, insurance companies might vary as far as how long they will cover rental breast pumps (usually used by moms who need a hospital grade pump for exclusive pumping) and when you can actually get your breast pump (a prescription from a physician is always necessary).

Do I need a breast pump?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need a breast pump. It’s a benefit provided to moms. Take advantage of it. Even if you have a pump from a previous child, having two pumps will allow you to keep one at work and one at home or have a backup in case one pump goes bad.

Some women assume baby will latch right away. That isn’t always the case. A breast pump will ensure you have the means to feed your baby healthy, nutritious breast milk at any time.

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