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Spectra® DEW 350 Double Electric Breast Pump

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The Spectra® DEW 350 Double Electric Breast Pump for nursing mothers is an affordably priced breast pump that many insurance companies in Maryland and Washington D.C. will cover. Moms who use this breast pump appreciate how quiet the pump is and that it’s versatile enough to accommodate pumping accessories from other brands.

Additionally, this hospital grade pump is a closed system, which means milk can’t get into the pump.


  • (1) Hospital Grade DEW 350 Pump with 350mmHg Vacuum Strength
  • (2) Wide Neck Bottles
  • (2) Soft Flow Soft Teat
  • (2) Sets of Tubing
  • (2) Discs
  • (2) Caps
  • (4) Backflow Filters
  • (2) Valves
  • (1) Power Adaptor
  • Two Year Warranty

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Product Information


  • Comes with everything you need to double pump, which saves you time and also better supports milk supply.
  • Is suitable for heavy duty use ie 8 x a day.
  • Suitable for initiating lactation and building milk supply.
  • Very quiet – it has a soft, constant noise (sounds a little like heavy breathing) and has none of the ‘frog’ noise that breast pumps generally have, so you can pump next to your baby or at work without worrying about the noise.
  • Closed system – like all Spectra breast pumps, the Dew 35o has a backflow filter which ensures that moisture from your milk cannot enter the pump motor. Using a pump without this kind of protection can result in mold growth in the pump motor and is a potential source of virus transmission.


  • The Dew 350 needs to be plugged in and can’t be used with a car adaptor
  • You can’t change the cycle speed and doesn’t have a letdown mode, which some women need.


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