What does BCBS CareFirst in Maryland and Washington D.C. cover?

bcbs carefirst
If you’re new to navigating the ins and outs of insurance coverage as a new mom, then welcome to the club. It’s one of the hardest things to truly understand and, as a result, many moms miss out on their chance to take advantage of the benefits they’re entitled to from their insurance company. And with everything else on your plate–creating a nursery, taking bump pictures, and planning for another person to come into your life–you probably could use some help understanding what your BCBS CareFirst insurance benefits are.
bcbs carefirst
At SourceMD our goal is to serve expectant mothers before and after they have their baby. From choosing a breast pump, to knowing which items you need for a comfortable pregnancy and postpartum experience, we can help you better understand your BCBS CareFirst coverage and quickly get you the items you needs.
Get Started Finding Your BCBS CareFirst Breast Pump

What is covered by BCBS CareFirst?

BCBS CareFirst is a fabulous insurance to have. They offer loads of benefits to pregnant women. From gestational diabetes supplies to lactation consultants to even postpartum incontinence pads, much of what you need to get through your pregnancy journey is covered.

Are breast pumps covered by BCBS CareFirst?

One of the best things about this insurance is that not only are breast pumps covered, but you also have a choice in which pump you choose. Not every insurance allows that. Moms are eligible to receive their pump six weeks before their due date, so you have a chance to get to know how it works without the added pressure of a crying, hungry newborn.
The two most popular breast pumps covered by BCBS CareFirst are the Spectra S1 and Medela Pump in Style (PISA), but do your research. We carry tons of great breast pumps with options for all needs. Learn about choosing a breast pump here.
In addition to covering breast pumps, BCBS CareFirst also reimburses lactation consultant visits and offers video consults. This benefit covers breastfeeding consults, advice, and even support for “the baby blues” – a common term for postpartum depression many moms face.

Additional Maternity Coverage Provided by BCBS CareFirst

While most people think of maternity care as ending after your baby is born. That’s not the case. BCBS CareFirst covers additional supplies that will not just get you through your pregnancy, but help care for you afterwards;

  1. Belly bands for back pain and postpartum hip support
  2. Supplies like test strips for gestational diabetes
  3. Postpartum incontinence pads

Do you need help understanding your BCBS CareFirst coverage? Get in touch with out team to learn more about breast pumps covered by CareFirst and additional supplies to help get you through pregnancy and the postpartum period. Don’t miss out on the benefits you’re entitled to.

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